VIP Slave



As busy business woman I do not have much time left. However, If you be a true, devout gentleman and have the necessary "pocket money", you may turn to apply as VIP slave with me! It expects you an absolute elite Domina and an exciting VIP service. Even if you're not interested in the ordinary and gave me etc. to provide appropriate financial support, you may turn apply to me!  


What this means for you: You will be given priority in me! You can enjoy with me both live session, phone education, education chat and webcam educations and also short and simple. Your date and your concern for me has therefore ALWAYS priority and absolute priority!  


This requires a monthly tribute, which each month shall be paid to me in advance!   T


o avoid misunderstandings: even in this VIP status, which you can purchase with me, I select carefully from! I expect behave immaculate and appropriate level and the service even more in my unique VIP!  


Financial government make me horny! About way tribute, as befits a brave, devout gentleman!  


You can buy my VIP status only with correspondingly high tribute! I accept up to 3 VIP slaves.  


Competitions like best email and share with me what you have to offer me!