You're looking for contact with a strict dominatrix to be raised by her to the slaves? But still shrink from the transition to the SM-studio or a private audience with a dominatrix? You would like to be my slave, but live too far away? Everything is not a problem and many possible but one thing is certain - you will completely soundproofed and addicted to my calls and my job;-)!  


I offer different packages and methods, tailor-made for you, to. I will ask you daily, weekly or monthly tasks that have to meet you. It is best to send me a email with your exact needs and possibilities, and I'll tell you exactly what I have been thinking especially for you!  


On my phone education you can just trust and test how it feels to be educated by me on a phone call. I'm taking you sensitively and gently roll your slaves and shows you what they expect of you as my new slave. Even experienced slave can find their Erfülling talking to me. Curious? Then, you can sign up and like obedient to me and ask for fair treatment of slaves!


Webcam & Phone education can also be combined with chastity or Couckoldsessions! I shut up or you close your chastity belt, send me good key and I will raise him safe place for you;-)! Alone I decide about your lust !!!