You can find me as frivolous teacher sexy, horny and irresistible - otherwise you would not be here. From such a sexy governess like me you dream at night and want to be my disciple, as a young boy in school desk himmelst to me you horny teacher, you want to be touched by my strong arm and my hot nylon legs. Your excitement rises when you see me with open blouse teacher, imagine that I horny governess nothing under the skirt wear except stockings and nylons. Your hot fantasies revolve only around your busty teacher! Have you but rebellious, I turn quickly from the sexy teacher to severe spanking lady! Then you get to feel my hard side and my English education.


I will teach you what it means to be a naughty and naughty boy! With me you'll be punished for your missing homework with the cane. You will attract to you the short leather pants and put yourself at your place and lay hands on the table, ready for detention! Want you like to come in a knit tights to school, so no problem with the blows of the whip will be even better for you. Call me at the Secretariat on (0650 743 95 01; Mon-Sun 10-24 clock) and a tutoring session immediately compatible with your very own strict teacher. My bizarre curriculum will hunt you surely send shivers down your spine. Come prior to your teacher and bend you over the teacher's desk, so I can tell you, teach you with every beat over your naked butt, how to count properly! Here is taught to painful and pleasurable way in bizarre teaching, such as guarantees everyone comes to a perfect finish.

Detention Eckstehen, detentions - so I'm gonna drive out your nonsense. Meet me in obedience and diligence!


You have not done your homework? The cane on your tight pants are pulled out safely. You come with silly excuses? Then I pull out the same riding crop on the bare bottom. Your whining did not impress me ...


I'm going to teach discipline and order. From naughty naughty boy and I'm brave students. Your teacher is not only pretty strict, but also sexy. Leather and tight clothes and high boots I wear with fondness. But your horny eyes bring you a new punishments only!


Only when your ass is covered with bright red welts, you may turn to pick up again and thank you for the just punishment for your teacher.