Interested in the topic BDSM? Looking for someone with whom you can talk about this topic? I offer you expert advice.  



Some possibilities that exist:  



Questions about various topics in the area Fetish & BDSM?

• You think your wife is dominant / submissive and know not how to deal with it?

• You think you are submissive / dominant and do not know how to handle it?

you just want to talk only possible with a lifestyle Domina about everything?

• You would like to have a profile of your affections and my advice to how to handle it? (I'm not a therapist!)

• simply just looking for an experience to talk dominant lady?    



Meeting for a consultation are in the cafe home, a hotel, a reputable setting or in the SM Studio possible! I offer you competent, reliable advice and discussions in each SM & Fetish area and listening to you very much. Call me or send me an email with your requests and problems, like we can then make an appointment.