You are Fetishes High Heels and dreaming to go has long since been shopping with me and your mistress to buy nice new high-heeled shoes or boots horny? You want me to be humiliated in the business, get slaps want to be treated like dirt?  


You like real nylons and want me to buy Mistress Nora, new Nahtynylons. You will in the thick of the store kneel before me and sniff my beautiful feet, massaging my feet and I'll humiliate you in front of everyone, spitting, humiliate, etc.  



You come to me if you want I'll put you there in lingerie, you apply lipstick or I'm completely feminize yourself. Vielleich I force you under your normal clothes to wear tights or I'll put you in skintight, provocative ladies lingerie. But also wearing a plug, a chastity belt, a Penisbondage or chest parentheses under your clothes is possible. Then we will get into the taxi (or take the subway - depending on what I intended to do with you), where I will humiliate you before, during can watch through the rearview mirror us the taxi driver. Get it all is of course terribly embarrassing, but at the same time it excites you too incredible!  



It is of course possible that we go into a shop where we choose clothes, underwear and high heels for you and you have to try everything before all salespeople and customers. Maybe you makes it so cool despite all the embarrassments that you have an erection in your pants? Then I would put you over my knee right in the commercial ....  



You want to buy new whips, canes, gags, bridles, etc.? This is also possible with preference I test you the same in our shop from you.  



The visit of a "normal" business is conceivable where you'll High Heels, tight clothes and buy like me.  



Of course you're going to be with someone with fitting and later carry my shopping bags and wait at the door of a coffee house with my new stuff in submissive attitude as I macchiato me a latte or a glass of wine (of course, at your expense!) Be approved.  



Maybe I'm in a good mood and allow to sit at the table next to you and you to order a glass of water, while the plug is buzzing in your ass relentlessly softly ...  



By chance I meet another friend in the cafe and because she likes the horny scenario to you, you'll humiliated by both laughed and used.  



Afterwards we drive to my location or in your hotel room and let yourself be surprised what then happened to you ...!  



Call me now or send me an email and let me your fantasies for our "Bizarre shopping" with!