***Your lecherous aunt / mother / teacher / doctor is waiting for you ***


I stage any kind of role game every detail perfect for you! Inform me carefully about your needs in terms of role playing games. There is almost nothing I can not staging - you'll be surprised! My very special love is the role-playing games of all kinds (doctor-patient, mother-son, aunt-nephew, teacher-student, boss-minor employee, teacher-pupil) in absolutely perfect staging.


- Maybe I'm your mother that you, the naughty son, caught flicking the bean


- Or you're my naughty nephew that his aunt has commanded to be to work through his debts


- You were very inattentive in class and have your detention with strict English teacher


- Are you about sick and need a meticulous examination


- Your yearly checkup is due, the busty school doctor and her assistant are lustful to examine you thoroughly actually already on the march ...


- Your 2 elegant aunts meet to discuss about your education after they caught you jerking off ...


- Your mother and sister meet for Cafe gossip and discover your porn collection ... Appropriate clothing needs (real fur, nylons, business outfit, Sartinbluse, doctor, costume, etc.) are of course very happy to be considered!


Beginners welcome.