Education as a Human furniture


As Human furniture designer I live out all my creativity!


Again and again I can think of new ways to use slaves as living furniture .


Do you get the honor to serve a mistress as live chair , keep still and silent , while I 'm comfortable on your face. A piece of furniture is an object and you'll converted as a human toilet , living footstool or carpet. So you lose your rights and have only one duty : to serve as living furniture! Are you ready to let you turn from me? My imagination knows no boundaries , no matter whether I use slaves as a seat cushion , you forme of a live or chair you use as a living bank while walking to rest.


A living table is a special honor , because I set it on my food , enjoy a glass of wine, I turn on the live table or serve my guests on appetizers. Discipline and the ability to persevere motionless in a predetermined position of mine , are prerequisites to qualify as Human furniture out of the question .


Many a time I use slaves as living shelf to put something on the slave object or to hang on Sklavenarm as a vibrant wardrobe. I do not want to pollute my beautiful boots , the slave object must lie on the floor - no matter how wet , dirty or slimy the ground is - to let me heels on how to live a carpet. This may well be painful, but a good piece of furniture keeps the live - out for his mistress! Are you receptive to pee or caviar, you can , for example, a Human Toilet be . Also useful as you're living footstool / footrest to rest my legs on you. How wonderful if my creativity for the RPG Human furniture has come once in gear!


Let's see what for a living Apply now as my piece of