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To heal thy rod fever I have my special clinic fetish methods: Suppositories for your butt, catheters, electricity, syringes, Aufspritzungen, needling, stitching, sperm samples, forced entsamungen, Pee cures; Forced feedings and other accessories for hot erotic applications. Take a seat on the patient table and let everyone your sexy doctor treat! If you like the sexy Medical Director Dr. Nora Fr. sex three times a day prescribed or gave you a Wichsanleitung to recovery, you should follow the advice urgently. Whether intensive Doctor games, school doctor, hospital Gynosex and fantasies in my bizarre ordination You are correct in all cases.


You love the erotic in white? You enjoy it as a patient from a totally horny white-clad, sexy nurse and an incredibly exciting doctor to be cared for and seduced? Skinny nurse uniforms, surgical clothing latex aprons, uniforms paint, latex, stethoscope, catheters, gyno chair and div. Instruments include in each case to Gynosex.   As a savvy and responsible hospital specialist with many years of experience, I am the doctor of your trust. TV maids undergo regular gynecological screening using professional equipment. Besides breast augmentation and cosmetic nipple and genital enlargement include sex changes, anal surgery and surgical simulations of my favorite methods of treatment.  


OP simulations in real green surgical clothing (incl. Green Mask, Surgical green bonnet, gloves, etc.). There is now also a dentist surgeries for me with a dental assistant!   If I need help with your intense intimate examination, I will consult a sweet nurse in her gorgeous nurse's uniform! She will to overcome clinic help your shyness, keep your hand on the painful tests and you give comfort .Or you are in a hurry and need a special treatment to cure your excessive sex drive in the Hospital?


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Your turn: The Next patient please!  


Therapeutic spectrum: Clinical examination soft to extremely - Clinic Role playing all kinds - embarrassing investigations - Bizarre Doctor - bizarre Clinic Assistant - Clinic Games - Klinikerotik - Doctor Games - rectal exams --OP simulation - Clinic Fetish - Prostate massage - prostate check - orgasm control - Lust control - Shave - castration Games - Criminal diet - Force-feeding - urethra stretching - Pain Management -Reizstromtherapie - electrical Stimulation - breast Augmentation - nipple Torture - catheter - Catheterization - Needles - needling -Unterspritzungen - Acupuncture -Gynäkologischer chair - Extreme fixations - speculum - Plugs - strapon - Fisting - straitjacket - Latex apron - Rubber apron - smock - OP -Dress - Clinic outfit - injected with NaCl 0.9% m, Dirty Games - Dental surgery - Anal stretching - force-feeding - diaper Regulation and lots more.  


Experience a clinic session with me or my best friend Mistress Chastis, like a duo.  

Informier you by phone about the possibilities that exist.  

Are you interested in hardcore action Klink - then Doctor Chastis is your first choice - trained specialist who it excites you to treat it as a piece of meat.  


Treatment of the precise nature, serious and sterile for me as a trained clinician self-evident.  


Do you wish to be examined you as a patient in the female doctor or need an extreme treatment, which takes total control of your body? In any case I'll be able to treat your ailments as experienced doctress.