Extremely painhorny masochists (waterboarding, (white) torture (extreme) interrogations, branding, cigarettes games, border crossings, Hardcore flogging, extreme humiliation, tears - I break your will, solitary confinement, respiratory reductions etc.) go into my absolutely experienced and technically competent hands , In our detailed preliminary talk, we will discuss your preferences and taboos.


With me you need you for your passion and your passion not to be ashamed, because we are both people with the same lustful passions, and I understand very well your pain and your pain. My favorite specialty is the mastery unfolgsamer slaves, accompanied by corresponding Erziehung- and punishment techniques. A combination of extremes, fulfillment and excitement in bizarre completion.


I have the ability to train also interested beginners slowly and gently, but in the end you too will do what I ask of you, and so will your destiny and meet your nagging desire is experienced their satisfaction. My purpose in life is the sadomasochism in all its forms and rituals lived at a high level and still abysmal, to the lowest depths. I love extreme humiliation and each session with me is absolutely individual. I use and enjoy you as my will-less object of my desire. If you do not find you on the following pages again, You may please contact me via phone or email to request more information. If you find it easier to write your fantasies briefly in an email and send me down to this before your visit.


In this way, we can clarify in advance before common tastes / Taboo in broad terms. You can also write a letter and bring it with me for an interview. However, I prefer the personal interview. A telephone call to arrange an appointment is necessary!