Most men have to their lives teach discipline and order.



I have made it my task to consider every man as my students and to devote my life to the education and discipline of men - truly a life's work for a strict teacher like me!  



You were rude, lazy or have even skipped school? Why you have been summoned to the Institute Marinelli for intensive tutoring session?  



It is hard for you to concentrate on my strict instruction while Fr. Professor Marinelli is available in brown nylons on girdles, high-necked white satin blouse, tight black pencil skirt and strict glasses at the teacher's desk.  



If you but during the lesson to be inattentive, I will ask you immediately to me forward. Then you have your pants let down, lie down on my teacher's desk and I will tell you your naked ass with the cane or spank my hand to you the butt is on fire!  



Or else, you have to put with downturned pants over my lap and I'll spank your butt with the carpet beater. If you do not touch the my very delicate brown nylons carelessness and perhaps even get an erection, I will force you to stretch out your hands and pull you one with a ruler on your clumsy fingers or I'll call you to school board forward and leave you to penalty 100 times "I can not get an erection" on the board! to disciplining you'll put you into the corner and be ashamed for it. If you were particularly naughty, I leave you in the corner Scheidel kneel.  



Of course, your pants will still be lowered far (just to humiliate you even additionally). So, while you stand in the corner and you are ashamed of it will not go away your erection, I will take you, naked as you are now, watch closely and makes you excited yet ... Perhaps it is at this very moment a naughty schoolgirl, in much to participate too short school uniform into the classroom in class? I, the strict governess guess your every lewd thoughts and will punish you for it hard. Each offense I will beat out of you.    



English education with caning, slapping and spanking punishment await you with me, your strict governess in high-necked, tight satin blouses, under which the shape of my large bust and your sexual desires awaken.  



My experience as a strict teacher showed me to see in every man once an unruly student, so I never am wrong!  



Since I am impressed by the English boarding schools and methods of education especially, I use for each even the slightest inattention to my favorite instruments, such as canes, very gladly Rubber Coated Canes, carpet beater, a Rude or my bare hands!  



But if you're a good boy, you will learn the sexy side of the strict teacher in a very special student teacher know RPG.    



Your governess educates you with all available means: cane for your erogenous zones, the palm of the hand for your naked butt, the ruler of blows on your finger!  



You need sexual discipline and strict teacher who taught you? Your lust is always at the forefront of your thoughts and actions, so English education with a cane and flagellation for a horny goat is how you indispensable.  



As English teacher you get from me classical dominance that teaches you to respect women and to provide your own horny needs in the background. Discipline is in my classical education, the A and O. No arguing! Your pleasure is merely meant to make it easier to direct you not to satisfy them. You learn to follow.  



As a classic dominatrix I take me to your to make you a good slave, if necessary with beatings, punishment and discipline methods. I have a special punishment for any form of disobedience. Flagellation and spanking are still the most trivial practices. So beware not to contradict me. Pay attention to what I command you and fulfill every order with great care. Make thee from among the very first second. I am your English teacher who teaches you and you obey imprinted until you go to valuable -'ve been transformed pupil - namely obedient.  



My classical dominance is extremely strict, my English education is provided for your training and my sexual discipline is already in severe cases of debauchees succeeded. You have the chance here to make you train me to become an obedient model student. Therefore, your sexual discipline is essential.



Start now with your intensive education!