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Fur Fetish & Clothing Fetish  

Do you have a particular fetish for clothes? You want me to latex, leather, vinyl, Satin, silk, fur, vintage style, nylons, fur, Burlesque Style, etc. Wear overalls in a session? You just want an attractive lady in the desired outfit see tolls. and even so wear something (even for you almost every outfit available). You want to just enjoy the smell of leather, or you want an expensive silk blouse role-play touch? You want to be tied up in latex bed and want me to play in latex with you, you used it very nigh unto thee am? Here you will feel and smell the narrow, horny material.


You geilt on Fetishsex and need a dominant fetish Mistress who cares about your fetish education? Register now ... your secret wishes come true.  


Tell me exactly what fetish you have! Fetish sex can have many facets and I am a creative fetish mistress, who comes up with every fantasy and every distinct SM-tilt something special. It gives me great pleasure to take care of me specifically about your fetish-education! Let me know what goes on in your head and that you have a perverted mind cinema! I want to know your abysmal secrets and immerse yourself in the intimate thoughts of your perverted pleasure. There I take you to the fetish slaves under my rule! Experience the Art Fetishsex on my unique way that you bring to the mind. I address from you and use your fetish in living out your constraints and lust.  


My fetish wardrobe:

Leather (catsuits, dresses, skirts, bikinis, corsets, tops, pants, gloves)

Leather / Chain Harness

Latex (catsuits, stockings, aprons, pants, blouses, dresses, lingerie, skirts)

Paint (catsuits, dresses, skirts, bikinis, corsets, tops, pants, gloves)

Real Fur Coats

Satin (dresses, skirts, blouses, gloves, underwear)

50s Outfits & Lingerie

Vintage Style

Burleque style

French Maid 

Teacher  outfits

Gouverness outfit

Secretary outfit white blouse-black pencil skirt

elegant costumes of every kind and color

Boots in every form and color

High heels all kinds (10-25 cm, with & without plateau, Fetishheels, pumps, mules, sandals, peep toes)

nylon tights Corsets any kind

Evening Dresses


smock Aprons



real Nahtynylons and RHT nylons (150 pairs)

Nylonpanties (Original 50s - many different models)

Spitztüten Bra

girdle Cottage (many elegant models)

Gloves (long & short, silk, satin, leather, vinyl, latex, nylon)