I need another new seat for my plump, round rump - and what has to be better, as your slave's face? I like to let myself squatting down on your face and take long and cozy place. The main thing I have comfortable!


I will educate you about my like calm and seat cushions. You will submit a duldsames and humble piece of furniture. What matters is my well-being and my comfort. I will train you, you're're my perfect chair.

I will sit for hours on you and leave a book cafe and drink can consume and even if my friends come to visit, did you not to move and who knows, maybe I'll let one or the other lady trial sit on your face?

Your job is to serve me as a seat cushion and furniture and prepare yourself for a long face sitting. For Mistress Nora Biagotti - The Face Sitting Queen who loves perennial Facesitting in different positions.

With all my weight, my butt is on your face, because I simply fun face sitting.


Once I have trained a slave as you are as a seat, he offers me voluntarily for the face facesitting, because what could be better than feeling the pressure of the mistress to stick his nose in my Ass?


With all my weight I will feel you, who is the mistress will give you instructions on how you need to run a facesitting and smothering to my satisfaction you experience everything as well. I'll sit on your face as you wish, in tights, leather string in Nylonpanties, in skintight vinyl skirt or without panties.


Sometimes I sit as in nylons or in Nylonpantys on you- you facesitting slave! My horny ass crush you to death and you're almost at my mercy helpless and allowed to smell my intense asssmeling. So Assworship must be! Lie down, seat cushions slave, so I can sit on your face! Novice furniture very welcome - Applications by phone or in writing requested!