ELITEDATE FESTISH & BDSM - Sessions of absolute superlatives


Are you looking for the Absolutem ...? The most exclusive of the exclusive: NORA MARINELLI!


*** Europe's Elite Domina - Goddess Nora Marinelli ***


I am an educated, very feminine diva, as you know it from the 50s films and unfortunately they do not exist today! I do not enter a restaurant, I appear! My style of dressing is like a stunning diva. I love real seam nylons on straps, dizzying high heels, hats, fancy jewelery, gloves, designer costumes, exclusive handbags and fur coats! My Gemack is exquisite, and I am only in the best circles.


I like to stage myself and our "performance" down to the smallest detail!


Important and basic prerequisite, however, is that you are a true, devoted gentleman. You enjoy sunbathing on the side of a stunning, charismatic fetishdiva! You are always behind me, even in the public!


I love luxury and the high-class lifestyle. My success and the foundation of my business is discretion. You can rely on my absolute discretion.


Some examples of what you can do to me: We fly by helicopter in a gourmet restaurant, land directly in front of it. We go fine dinnieren and then fly back with the helicopter back to Vienna.


We fly by private jet to London, Nice, Paris etc. - buy there, visit an exclusive BDSM club and fly back to Vienna the next day.   This list can be continued endlessly ...


Whether you're just a worshiper of my beauty, a seamylon fetishist, or a strong woman - who tells you exactly what you have to do - a gentleman of the old school is guaranteed to be right with me.


Would you like to have a glass of wine with me to discuss the possibilities?