Education through chastity   Locked in chastity belt!  


*** Real Chastity possible or only as Roleplay ***  


Chastity is a wonderful means for men to educate them perfect pleasure slaves. Just submissive men, are often horny subjects who want without the control of a dominant lady constantly cumshot. Thus it comes about again and again that a slave while a session is not really obedient.      


For such cases, a problem masturbation Mistress Masturbation plans can be created. The advantage of this method is the longer-term training in obedience. But not for every slave this educational method is useful because it still requires a little self-discipline. The situation is different from in a session with a chastity belt carrier. I've whose tail immediately during the session under control, thereby education with sufficient vigor can be done.    



If a carrier tail gets locked away his favorite toy, he thinks it twice to disobey or unwilling!     The slave is then horny alone by wearing its tail prison and I can use it as a wonderful sex toy. Whether I fuck him with butt plug, or wants to create his nipple clamps, submissive, he leads all from what I ask of him. And the best part: I show him so that "his" slave cock MIR actually heard.    


If I tortured him long enough, I'll leave it beautiful begging to be saved from mine. When the horny slave cock is freed from his narrow cage first, his support is so grateful that he whines good for permission.     You think you can bring yourself to climax whenever you want it? You think your cock is yours? You are the opinion, masturbation is your right? Then you will be taught how MIR better of it!  


If I feel like it, I will allow you to jerk off with my dominant weighting instructions. What is a dominant Wichsanleitung? In a dominant Wichsanleitung the mistress determines how the slave has to jerk off.  



The following points are determined by the dominant weighting mistress in jerk off instructions:   the duration, speed, hardness and compression, in what way, where is waxed, which is considered doing what needs to be considered whether hosed - or not, whether several times must be abgesprizt, in conjunction with Ekeltraining, himself cumshot, swallow, or their own sperm. I as YOUR weighting mistress to dominate the slave so and possibly also to humiliate enjoy. The Slave is delivered to the weighting mistress without will and must masturbate in the way it determines the mistress. In particularly nasty weighting instructions there is even an orgasm ban the slave is made horny, but he can not cum! .......     For chastity, slaves, you are now dammit! For your pleasure will henceforth controlled only by me, your keyholder!