CBT - Cock and Ball Tour Toure  


You have a preference for very creative and sadistic "cock and ball games" you like it to get a "cock and ball torture" given? A brutal treatment of your genitals by Nora Mistress who enjoys so prepare her slave pain?  


I will devote myself EXCLUSIVELY your cock and your balls! I like penis torture, trampling, testicular pains, Ball Busting Ball Kicking and. These hands, nails, feet and kicks and percussion instruments, electrical stimulation or everyday objects from me to use Housed and my ideas you will be tortured by, are endless .... needles for your penis, wax for your glans, catheters for the urinary tract, electric stimulants for your genitals. Here's what I like to lead by up to you: - Forced orgasm control and - RUINED ORGASM - Cumshot on my command ... if I allow yourself!


- Pain caused by desire

- Congestion / setting / weights

- Hot and Cold - Strokes

- Kicking - Crushing and kicking

- Stimulation

- Urinary torments

- Catheters of various sizes

- Urethra stretching

- Injections into the urethra

- needling

- Clinic Treatments

- Suturing the foreskin

- Trampling and more...  




Such treatments I have with fondness very scantily clad or naked only in thigh boots by just to your torment to strengthen even more.