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My foreseen dates (Austria / Germany / Switzerland):  


15 - 25.04.17 Bregenz (A), Buchs (CH), Munich & Ulm (D), dates are flexible to all these days, a reservation is necessary at least one day in advance, Buchs and Vienna) & hotel, as well as dinnerdates & outdoor sessions  


26.4 - 10.05 Vienna, sessions are possible in the top BDSM studio, as well as hotel visits are possible! KV- & long-term dates are only possible with a deposit!   

11. - 16.05.17 Tirol / Telfs - I am on my well-earned luxury vacation, Paying pigs & Cash & Go meetings are possible in my 5 star suite, put me your money to my sexy goddess feet!  


17 - 31.05.17 Bregenz (A), Buchs (CH), Munich & Ulm (D), dates are flexible for all these days, reservation is necessary at least one day in advance , Buchs and Vienna) & hotel, as well as dinnerdates & outdoor sessions  


02. - 11.06.17 Vienna, sessions are possible in the top BDSM studio, as well as hotel visits are possible! KV- & long-term dates are only possible with a deposit!  


June or July 2017 Vacation at Lake Garda / Italy - exact date will be announced! Paying pigs, living toilets & slaves are now allowed to apply to me goddess!  


Dates in Ulm & Bregenz are ONLY possible in a hotel room.  


Dates in Switzerland are EXCEPTIONALLY possible only with deposit. Long-term appointments, outdoor events & KV appointments as well. All payments can be made completely anonymous. I would like to receive detailed information by email!  


You want an appointment in a hotel and do not have a room? No problem! This is completely anonymous for you possible! I reserve the room for you! I would like to receive more information by email.  


Do you want to get to know me in a webcam cam or horny slaves & wanking tasks for me? Likewise, telephone education is possible!  


For more information, please visit:


Often copied but never achieved.  


Exceptional high class domina (from the best home - absolutely parquet-safe), curvy (80E), erotic fetishdiva, with style, class and level for the highest demands. Fascinating authentic and charming at the same time, a beauty that will bring the devoted gentleman and admirer with boundless fantasies, for passionately captivating moments, playfully around the mind.    


I practice BDSM at the highest level for discerning connoisseurs and fetish lovers and I offer my guests first-class SM-sessions and fetishes of all kinds. Beginners are very welcome. I am a master of the production, the perfection in perversion, with a sadistic vein, but still equipped with the necessary feeling, the right feeling and instinct, for the needs and longings of my counterpart. My authenticity is very helpful. I do not have to play dominance, it's my character!  


As a classic and responsible lady with many years of experience, my repertoire is extensive. SM-newcomers and lovers of softer gaits should not be deterred by this. Everything is a question of the dosage and the intensity of a game and everyone is looking for its individual niche.  

Lust & pain certainly play an elementary role. However, this does not mean that every guest has to be in pain with me. The likes and fantasies of each individual human being are as multifaceted as my practices. In addition, pain does not necessarily have to be physical.  


I like to have a lot of fun with it, I like to play with my dog, I like to play with my dog, I like to play with my dog, Facesitting (eg Jeansfacesitting etc.), Humiliation, Smothering, Bondage, Spanking, Needles & Clinicotics, Pure Fetish Trainings, Tease & Denial, Orgasmuskontrolle, Abductions uvm.  


Each of my sessions is absolutely individual and is adapted to your needs and wishes. I would like to have a detailed preliminary discussion. You have special clothes for our session? I love tight latex, corsets, business costumes, white blouses & tight skirts, medical uniforms, waistbands with seam nylons, lacquer & leather, corsets, satin blouses & silk blouses, high heels & fur coats, Please tell me the appropriate requirements already with your booking, so that I can prepare accordingly.  


I live and love BDSM - it is my true obsession and my life setting. Exciting, unusual productions are my passion - whether outdoor, on the train, in the hotel room, etc. - You can demand and inspire me with extraordinary ideas. Since I exercise BDSM purely for my private pleasure, I do not take everyone!   


I expect appropriate level & discretion!    

I offer absolute high class, if you are looking for something special, then contact me. My service, my natural dominance and my charisma look the same. I offer quality, not quantity and make few, selected dates.  


I also visit you in the hotel and bring appropriate equipment with our meeting, so inform me at the very least about your wishes!  


I prefer to lead my devotees for years and build a real top / sub relationship.  


I love to invent scenarios over and over again and I bring my whole heart and experience with it, you will not find monotony with me. I do not play - I am a dominant diva - through and through!  


My sessions are real, very imaginative, absolutely individual and I will treat you the same way as you deserve. I love what I do and you will soon realize that. I attach great importance to the fact that I harmonize with my admirers and guests, should I have the feeling that it does not fit with us, I will reject a session with you - I select very exactly! After all, our date is a pleasant experience for both parties. What I am in any case presupposition is: tadellose behavior, absolute discretion and well-being!  


I am looking forward to your contact!  


Mistress Nora Marinelli


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